Today, the band traveled up to Lancaster, PA to do a video shoot with Springwood Productions at Tellus360. Now, when you tell your friends that you’re doing a video shoot, their first assumption (and ours too, if I’m being honest) is “that’s not work”. I mean, we’re just playing music right? Wrong. So much wrongness. Imagine a room with eight people all moving around, no air-conditioning, with lights as huge as the sun beaming down on you for seven hours…it was hot. Let’s just put it that way. And heels? Soooo not my friends by the end of the day. But seriously, now that I’m done complaining, it was completely AWESOME!

First of all, if you ever get the chance, Tellus360 is easily one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen. There are two stages, a rooftop bar, and even better – a recording studio down in the basement. Now for the most part, we spent our day down in the studio, The Sugar Tank. I wish I could properly describe to you all just how incredible the room was – the look, the energy, and most importantly the sound. Everything that we did on Saturday was completely live, and I can honestly say I have never heard a room that produced a better live sound than this one did. Everything was crisp, clear and beyond perfect.

While I started my day getting dolled up, the band and Springwood imageProductions worked on getting the room completely decked out. Cooper’s drum set was covered in white Christmas lights – as were a few other instruments and speakers – which created this really awesome vibe. Even better, the walls in The Sugar Tank are lined with this old repurposed wood which adds a lot of color and vibrancy to the space.

The goal for today was to finish five songs, each with four takes, with two cameramen circling around us for each take. I think the hardest part of the day was not focusing on the cameras too much, and just trying to put on the best live performance possible. But how can you not look at a camera that’s right in front of you?! One of the funnier points of the afternoon was when Jon (one of the cameramen) and I ran into each other during a song, and I just had to keep playing. Another challenging part was that everyone else in the band was plugged in to amps and speakers, but I was going straight into the sound board. This meant that I couldn’t hear myself at all. After the first take, we quickly realized I was going to blow my voice out by the end of the day if I kept trying to sing above everyone. The solution? Earplugs. I’ve never used them while I was singing before, and it kind felt like I was shoving a marshmallow in my ear, but it really worked.

imageBy the end of the day, we were so incredibly worn out – and very incredibly ready for milkshakes – but also indescribably energized. Just the few clips that we saw and heard from the videos were enough to keep us going, and even though we were exhausted, I think the last take we did may have been our best one of the day. We were in sync, enthusiastic, and on point. The entire time we were packing up, the guys just kept saying “that was so cool”. And it was.

I can’t wait to share the videos with you. I think it’s going to sum up our band perfectly and I hope you love the direction we’re heading in as much as we do. Check out our new Facebook page to keep up to date with shows, new videos, and to see more behind the scenes photos. Thanks again to Jennifer Simmons Photography for her beautiful work!

Peace and love,

  Jun 20, 2015