Last night, I opened up for Andy Grammer. Holy Poop. What an experience. Andy Grammer – for those who don’t know – is a pop singer-songwriter known most for his hit song “Keep Your Head Up”. It was crazy getting to perform alongside someone who I actively listen to and admire as an artist. Definitely a surreal moment.


This event was hosted by Washington College for their Annual Spring Concert. Alongside myself, another student band, Hedera, was also chosen to kick off the concert. Before the show started, I worked alongside the sound crew to help load the bands equipment onto the stage. I nearly had a heart attack when I got to play Andy Grammer’s Gibson – although I tried not to fan girl too much, because I can totally be cool. Right? Right.

One of the coolest parts of the night was having the audience sing along with me, on both my cover and original music. For everyone who was there, you all had the best energy, and definitely made the night for me. For anyone who was not able to make it, or those who just want to relive the night, you can view clips from the performance on my Facebook page!

I’d like to thank Washington College for giving me the chance to participate in this event, as well as all of my friends and family who took the time to come watch me perform.

Peace and love!

Photo Credit: Eric Siegel

  Apr 05, 2014